Location: Antigua

We woke up at seven-thirty and went over to Ocean Star to have class. It was a seamanship class, where we learned about sailing communications and buoys, and Eric played a cool song called Polaroid Picture. I learned a lot of things, along with the fact that the snorkel bags make good backrests and that five short blasts on a horn mean “I don’t understand you!” When we got back, we did passage prep and then had some free time, where we went to the bakery- the one closest to the marina. Everyone agrees; it’s the best bakery in the world. Highlights include the banana bread, chicken patties, and pineapple turnovers.

We ate our way through Antigua by stopping at the supermarket after the bakery, where some of us bought Gelato and ice cream, and then we stopped at a cafe and ate more Gelato there too.

We had to be back on the boat by two, but we were well within our time limit by the time we got back around one. The thing was, those chicken patties…they just gnawed at my mind, wore me down slowly until I had to go back for another. I ran with Taylor back at 1:53, and we bought our patties and booked it back to Firebolt before we left.

We moved briefly to another dock for refueling before setting sail for St Barths, a sail expected to take us about ten hours. I thought I’d get seasick, but after the Dramamine kicked in, I was fine! It was the best I’d felt during a passage so far, and I loved every minute. Watch teams started at seven, so the rest of us went into the saloon to sleep as much as we could before our rotation. And that was the day!