Location: Saba

Firebolt arrived at Saba Island, also known as the highest point in the Netherlands, to explore above and below sea level. This magical scenery includes beautiful rock formations, and we anchored by two tall rocks that look like a cave. Everyone had the opportunity to capture these rocks first hand, as we piled into three taxi vans and drove on a hand made road. Then we trekked up an infinite staircase to a scenic lookout. As we all trailblazed up the mountain, no one expected an additional mud bath to reach the top of the mountain. Our muddy faces decided to slip and slide back down the mountain to then walk around the tiny town of Saba. After attempting to find a hose, we accepted the mud as our latest fashion style. Then we went to a local glass bead shop where we made and designed our own glass beads. Now, we all looked like muddy glamorous Saba tourists. Anna lane, Alex and I ate French fries and milkshakes at one of the only little restaurants off of the little road, as we reminisced about the long adventurous hike. Once we all saw the ocean, we dove into the water like it was our first time seeing the ocean. A couple of chicken fights later and attempts to rock climb; we piled back into the dinghy for our return to Firebolt. Laughs, sweat, and a day of creativity made a perfect recipe for a day to remember.