Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

Our captain described our hike to be a fun, easy-going stroll. Only one of those adjectives turned out to be true! Mount Scenery, known to the locals as ‘The Stair-Master’, was the cause of blood, sweat, mud, and tears (of joy). The heavy rain throughout the past few days turned the path into a mud fiasco. The more we tried to avoid the mud to save our only pair of shoes, naturally, the ten times muddier we got. However, the view from the mountain’s peak made it completely worth it! Although we could not see anything due to the low cloud-line, we felt as though we had conquered cotton candy mountain!

After a speedy descent, with a few slips and slides, we emerged into the town of Windward as a group of swamp monsters! Us swamp monsters then found ourselves at a Boston-owned bead-makers shop, where we learned to form amazing patterns out of glass beads using a ‘mini flamethrower’ to melt and mold the glass into pretty shapes and designs! Our taxi driver (less than pleased by our muddy appearances but still kind) dropped us off at a small beach where we jumped in the ocean, shoes and all, to wash away half the mountain we had collected on ourselves during our climb! Once aboard Ocean Star, all our smiles had been wiped off our faces as we came to realize we had to sit an IYT Seamanship and VHF Radio Exam that evening, and though we had great lectures, every student got a little test anxiety. BUT, our test anxiety cloud had a silver movie lining! As a special treat for being such great students, we got to have a long-overdue chill movie night of Pirates of the Caribbean to round out our day!