Location: Underway to South Africa in the Indian Ocean

As with most days, this one began in the early morning. There was the watch rotation, one group of bleary-eyed comrades replacing an equal but opposite group, ripe with festivities, humor, and rampant with laughter. None less to say, what happens on watch stays on watch, but by the time our three-hour stint was complete, we were the laughing comrades being replaced by the bleary-eyed replacements. Then sleep, glorious, rolly, bouncy, noisy sleep. Maybe up to five hours at a time if you’re lucky, among other factors. Then the communal time is from 12:00 to 15:00 due to class. This is followed by (weather permitting) shower time. Without a doubt, the most adventure per day we get is the shower. A torrent of sea temperature saltwater gets dumped on many freezing crew and staff members, coupled with the various soap and foam products, make for many humorous moments. This is followed by chilling or sleeping, or study time until we have dinner, a squeeze, and a clean-up.