Location: Underway to South Africa in the Indian Ocean

Dawn broke with the warm sun at our backs and the wind and seas were the calmest we have seen since leaving Mauritius. Spirits were up and everyone was preparing for the day of excitement ahead and the common phrase of “speed and course” was changed to “trick-or-treat” and every child’s favorite holiday reached the decks of Argo. Motoring about 175 miles off the east coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean everyone on board started to get into their roles and costumes and gathered in the cockpit for lunch, joining us for lunch we had a wide assortment of guests ranging from the elusive Pirate to the Village People. The festive crew began to make their sandwiches then all of a sudden there was a banging and scratching coming from below decks, the brave lil iPod opened the laz and a Thai stow away shot out from the murky bilge water muttering, “Please Please, don’t hurt Don’t throw off Want massage? Bread?” After lunch, the costume contest began where each one of us strutted our way down deck with appropriate catwalk music being played in the background. In the end Kevin stole the show with his original stowaway costume and Chancy and Joe won the group prize for dressing up as each other. After the festivities were finished, and the whole crew hopped up on candy and rejuvenated after the holiday fun, another day ended on Argo with the warm sun at the horizon and all of us looking forward to what tomorrow has in store while making our way across the Indian.