Location: Admiralty Bay, Bequia

My avid blog readers, we’re here once again, me writing, you reading, no one listening as these blogs are yet to be made in an audio form. We have approached various celebrities to do narration of the blogs but no one is yet to get back to us, you would think in these dark times the likes of Morgan Freeman, Stephen Fry anyone with a soft smooth voice would be jumping at the chance but for now you will have to just have to read. Wake ups was the first port of call for today (clever little nautical pun there). This was made easy as many of the crew were already awake getting in some last minute Oceanography study time before there Midterm, only 4 people came out crying so we can assume it went pretty well. Leadership was hot on the heels after oceanography where Ruth Ruth-Riley Riley led a discussion on morals and various other important things.

Now…..this is where things go a little on the blank for me as the crew were let ashore to explore for the late morning and afternoon and I didn’t see them till dinner, so here’s what’s going to happen, I am going to write now what I think they got up to and then…well that’s it.

Luke and Mike ran off into the distance from the dinghy dock, giggling away. They went off to explore the hillside and a shrubbery. Mike was worried but Luke was there to support him as they carved there own path through the island before being met with a ferocious foe, known as hunger. Upon realising they were stuck in the woods, with no immediate escape Luke took it upon himself and decided eating Mike would be the best chance of survival. That is the tale of Luke and Mike’s Day.

Zac, Isabel L, Pearse and Lenox, these guys had one awesome day, Pearse is well known on the boat for being able to throw out some crazy shapes. So upon reaching land they scoured high and low for a local dance competition, knowing they had the skills to pay the bills they soon found one and entered into it. This was more like the dance battles to end all dance battles, groups arrived from all over the islands. Once Pearse and crew entered that room a hush fell over the crowd, Lenox threw a glare to the crowd to let them know “The Xonels” were in town. Zac and Isabel supporting from behind, Pearse threw down some shapes, the crowd went wild and now the four have decided to tour the Caribbean. The Xonels will be heading to an island near you soon, check the website for more details.

Jodie, Julia, Izzy and Ruth-Ruth had a great old time, they all decided that having a hyphenated names would also be fun so following Riley-Rileys trend they have all legally changed their names to Jodie-Jodie, Julia-Julia and Izzy-Izzy. It’s a bit of a mouthful but you know if it makes them happy then so be it.

Ben and Will decided that after talking to some local fisherman they would take up the local cultural activity of whaling. They went out to the beach, collected some driftwood and built themselves a boat and took with them a few sticks. After hours out at sea they came across a massive humpback whale, they threw all the sticks they could but to no avail. Just as they thought that was it the whale swam from underneath and knocked both clean from the canoe they had built as they floated aimlessly the whale engulfed both of them but luckily returned them to the boat. I had to apoalgise on behalf of the two of them but they’re back aboard safely albeit a bit more smelly.

Margeaux and Zoe, these two also decided to venture into the dense woodland, however after only 5 minutes in Zoe noticed a change in the behaviour of Margeaux. She began climbing trees with extreme skill and agility in and almost cat like manner, when Zoe asked if she was okay, she was responded to with growling and snarling, almost foaming at the mouth. Zoe had to make the hard decision to leave Margeaux. It has been decided by myself that upon contact with the woodland she went full feral and sadly there is no chance in bringing her mind back to where it once was. She now belongs in Bequia.

Kiara and Sophia decided the afternoon should be spent doing the proper things, getting laundry done, small exploration and returning nice and rested for the evening. Oh how things don’t go to plan. They did indeed set off in a taxi for a small adventure, sadly they found themselves at the Turtle Sanctuary and after one to many probing questions from them, the owner of the establishment realised they knew to much about the operation. Sadly the two are now confined the sanctuary where they’re forced to dress like turtles, act like turtles and swim around the enclosures for show. I am trying to broker a deal for there release but it is awfully tricky negotiating in these islands. A small entrance fee of $6 will get you in to see them though.

Even the three other Staff member got to have some time ashore and the tale that ensues for them is perhaps the most intriguing. After only just a small amount of time ashore Ash found himself face to face with one of his greatest foes, a cow, now the creature itself poses little threat but what lies within could be fatal to him. Instead of trying fight this foe and potentially going into a Lactosephylatic Shock (might have made that word up) he decided to befriend this enemy and my god it worked. Ash now happily rules as overseer of all dairy on Bequia, quite the honor but he rules with an iron fist and unfortunately he doesn’t want anyone else to suffer the traumas his intestinal tract has endured in the past and has put a ban on all dairy, this mean for poor Calum and Adelaide without the sweet sweet dairy they need to fully function are now left to roam the streets of Bequia trying to get a hold of any dairy they can.

Well there you go, that’s how I imagine the days went for the various group members. I am sure the reality will be more like Wifi, Lunch, Explore, Supermarket and Back to the boat but I hope you enjoyed my small tales a bit more. This is where you would expect it to be finished, not a chance. After the dinner some of the group was let loose diving for their first night dive. The dark waters allows a plethora of organisms to come out from hiding. Everyone seemed to have a great old time zooming around the darkness before coming back to the back and resting those tired eyes.

Picture 1 – Someone turned off the wave machine in Bequia
Picture 2 – Pearse getting his head stuck, it took 17 sticks of butter to get him out.
Picture 3 – Picture of a postcard
Picture 4 – When a drag race at sea ends badly
Picture 5 – Luke finding a spot to sit and contemplate the ordeal he just went through
Picture 6 – Julia taking advantage of Bequias lesser know attraction of Rock Watching, if you look closely you can see some rocks
Picture 7 – Izzy-Izzy and Julia-Julia