Location: Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines

This morning at 3 am I woke up to a lovely note when I checked into the chart house for watch. “Isa- Menu by sunrise or else!” with a very angry face (an example is drawn on chief’s (Pearse) foot by Xonel (Lenox)) and an arrow naming it Jukuma (Julia). It made me laugh a lot. Last night there was a night dive, but me and a few people were so exhausted we fell asleep before the first group even got back from their dive. Hence the note. We all have been tired these past few days but the happy tired that feels like coming home from a long day walking on shore and diving and then getting to touch your newly changed sheets for the first time that day. An hour after my watch, I woke up at 5 with Julia, Margeaux, Zoe, Xonel, and Sophie to study for our maine bio exam. The morning was filled with fish ID’s and silly mnemonic devices that made learning about reptiles and worms hilarious. Ben, Riley and Steve made delicious breakfast burritos and we chowed down while everyone talked about Echinoderms and Chordates. Then we made our way to the salon to take the test. Afterwords, the first dive group (Isabel, Margeaux, Zac, Luke, Mike, Sophie, and Steve) got ready for their fun dive and the rest of us stayed on the boat for some nap/study time. The first dive sounded very fun and many people were excited that they identified fish that we have been learning about in bio instead of having them pointed out to us by Ash or Adelaide. Lunch was quesadillas with pepper and onions. They were so good that Xonel and Ash decided it was worth it even though they are both lactose intolerant. After lunch Calum taught us seamanship. We learned about VHF radios and different communication devices aboard ships. Then, Jukuma, Xonel, Ben, and I went out as the second dive group. Zoe did a fantastic job leading the dive and Adelaide tailed. Jukuma and I needed to do our deep dive and we were able to hit 60 ft, making us official advanced divers (!!!). Xonel, Jukuma and I got semi-narked and provided great dive entertainment for Zoe and Ben. Ben said Jukuma was swimming like a parrot fish at one point, only using her hands in little fin movements and completely disregarding her legs. When we came back from the dive we were all in goofy moods and laughed at nothing for about an hour. Everyone showered in preparation for our night out and started getting ready on deck. Willy came to show us local jewelry and trinkets made from whale bones and coconuts. Many people got some beautiful necklaces and trinkets. Dinner came next with a very giddy energy as we are all excited to have a night on the island but probably more excited for the pizza Ben and his sous chefs made. It was homemade dough with mozarella and cheese balls. Ash and Xonel committed to a day of cheese and there is really not a lot of reasons to say no to the pizza– even lactose intolerance. Right now, we are all loading into the dinghys excited and ready to make our way to the shore!

Picture 1 – Xonel, Jukuma, Chief and Zac studying
Picture 2 – Adelaide with a lot on her plate
Picture 3-5 – Pictures of the wreck we dove taken by Steve
Picture 6 – Riley, ready to go out even though she burned her stomach cooking
Picture 7 – Willy sailing away into the sunset after visiting us
Picture 8 – Chiefs foot after a “study” sesh (and an example of the note I received)
Picture 9 – Ben and Riley cheffing it up
Picture 10 – Xonel and Zoe showering
Picture 11 – a group with Willy checking out what he brought
Picture 12 – Xonel and Sophie doing their makeup for the night out