Location: 14 06.446' S 010 55.386' W

Hello there Family and Friends,

The past twenty-four hours aboard S/Y Argo has been a rather magical day at sea filled with a moonrise, a day full of smooth sailing, experiential learning, good eats, and even a double rainbow. Watch team 2 (Katrina, Jett, Sylvia, Shane, Kate, Brittany, Maggie, Elle, and Jay) started off last night listening to Neil Young’s Harvest Moon while watching an incredible moonrise that lit up the night sky and helped guide our way along the Atlantic. After our late night watch, we scurried off to bed for some much-needed rest and dreaming of all the new things we’ve learned over the last month.

As we awoke to a new day, we began to feel the heat slowly intensify as we continue to climb North towards Fernando de Noronha (Brazil). For lunch, today, the wonderful Head Chef Lily and her Sous Chefs Maggie and William served a delicious meal of Baked Chicken Breast with a Quinoa Salad, which brought us to our classes today Marine Bio and Leadership. In Marine Bio, we learned about Sponges, Cnidaria, and Box Jellies from Mimi, which really got us excited about the underwater world and beginning our scuba certification in Barbados next month. In Leadership, Missy facilitated an interesting group discussion on the Ripple Effect, and then the crew chose topics about a How-To presentation they’ll be presenting on board in the coming weeks to work on Effective Communication.

Before dinner, there was an impromptu jam session to Phil Collin’s “In the Air Tonight” in the galley, which really got the crew hyped about pizza for dinner. The chef’s knocked another meal out of the park by serving three different types of pizza: ham and pineapple, a veggie pizza and cheese with an option to add pepperoni. After dinner, we witnessed one of the most jaw-dropping double rainbows any of us had ever seen… Wrapping up another unforgettable day aboard our home for the next 62 days.