Location: 13,15.18S: 13,04.59W

Today’s appreciation started with last night’s watch from 2200 to 0000 hours. We came up on deck to see a sky full of stars- a sight that we have not seen in a while. The watch team also spotted bioluminescence off the stern of the boat, which looked like twinkling stars in the water behind us.

This morning, on the 0800 to 1200 hour watch, the team quickly got into sail handling. We have been given more responsibility recently to do things ourselves with less help from the staff, although they are there for any questions that we may still have. For instance, our captain, Tim, allowed five of us to set up the running backstay and cheered us on the entire time. I was even able to go onto the bowsprit to set up the flying jib. We are reminded daily that we are the boss and can conquer anything that may stand in our way. With this in mind, the crew’s new goal is to set the sails within fifteen minutes because we got the exciting news that we are going to participate in the Antigua Yacht Club Classic Regatta alongside S/Y Ocean Star and her crew. We are all over the moon about this and cannot wait to participate.

After lunch, our classes consisted of oceanography and seamanship, where our chief mate gave us our test for our VHF certification, and WE ALL PASSED! So many amazing things are happening, and we are all so thankful that we get to have these experiences together. There are t-minus nine days until we reach Brazil, and we were even able to shut the engine off today to sail by the power of the wind alone.

The day ended with breakfast for dinner, where we had chocolate chip pancakes cooked by Jayda, Tim, and Jay as well as another beautiful sunset. Updates to follow tomorrow! I miss everyone so much, but I cannot wait for all that is to come!