Location: 12,04.52 S 14,58.44 W

Day 30 started with great sail handling as we took advantage of the wind that powered Argo’s sails. The bright stars, late moonrise, and gorgeous sunrise were also not forgotten as everyone took in the beginning of an awesome day. Watch team one excitedly discussed how we planned to wake up those still sleeping from late watches but unexpectedly received help from the fire drill alarm. Everyone speedily met in the cockpit with a record count off time, ready to go through the safety procedures we have been practicing with our new watch teams. Thankfully, instead of the smell of smoke, Steph’s amazing mac and cheese filled the air. William worked hard for his lunch as he started one of the power sources for the fire hose that we weaved around the deck and practiced using. Following our delicious meal, we spotted dolphins on the way to class. In leadership, it sunk in that we are already through one-third of our adventure together. We shared how amazing it is to already have so many memories and know each other so well. Ironically, we realized that despite all we have done together and even knowing everyone’s nicknames and numbers, we still do not know everyone’s last name. Dinner, later on, solved this problem as we only called each other by last names. Finally, as the day came to the end, those not on watch jibing stayed up to make their Valentine’s cards, ready to celebrate tomorrow.