Location: Saline Bay, Mayreau

Here we are, full circle; I am skipper again. Only 18 days later, and you, the reader, are graced with another creative masterpiece written by yours truly. I am not one for mornings, but this morning I got up at the crack of dawn in order to wake everyone for our morning feast. I genuinely do not remember anything that happened before 9:00 (This is Steve here, let me tell you what happened before 9:00, my lecture is what happened, a very informative lecture on marine mammals, where I ruined all sorts of cool creatures for them mainly Sea Otters, and now I am glad I ruined them for Keaton since she doesn’t even remember my exciting, informative lecture. In fact, this has hit me quite hard, and I am announcing my retirement from the marine biology industry. I would like to thank Professor David Smith for all he has taught me over the years and all the students I have inspired over the years who have gone on to shape and forge the world into something bigger and brighter than could ever be imagined; you’re welcome world, you’re welcome), but the second the clock struck 9:15 we piled into the zodiacs and headed to Canouan for our beloved shore time. We spent our shore time scavenging the island for TeaTimes. If you are a follower of this blog from back home in the states, picture this: a Golden Oreo, but off-brand, and the cookie part has more of a shortbread feel to it rather than your traditional stodgy cookie. They are a form of currency on this boat, similar to how Kohl’s cash works when you shop at Kohl’s. If you are unfamiliar with Kohl’s cash, let me paint the picture for you: You walk to your mailbox and open it to see a bill, but you don’t see the head of a founding father; you see the logo of the American shopping store, Kohl’s. You can accumulate this cash over time; “Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on giving!” Anyways, after we bought the entire stock of TeaTimes on the island, we headed back to the island coffee shop, where some of us got a workout in climbing the ropes working towards a free cookie. Imagine American Ninja Warrior, but a bit more underwhelming and nobody actually finishes the course. About 30 seconds before it was time to dingy back to the lovely Ocean Star, Meg decided it was the prime time to get a hotdog with the works. The entire dingy ride was spent holding the mustard and relish-filled dog high above the water in the hopes that it would stay dry and not become too salty, but to Meg’s demise, a 9-foot wave came and soaked her weenie. The look on her face was distraught (Steve’s word). It looked like someone kicked her dog, her hot dog. The story doesn’t stop there though, she, in an act of desperation, ate the salty, mushy bread because she wanted a taste of her hometown, the entire state of North Carolina. We motored over to an island not so far away called Mayreau. On the way, we asked Steve if we could invite Vela, our half-sister ship, to our beach barbecue. He said no, but in a way, he said yes. He said, “Keaton and Meg, please stop asking me about Vela; I don’t even make the decisions around here; I can’t make them do anything!” Vela, if you would like to come to our barbecue, it is Friday the 12th at 7 pm in Tobago Cays. We are dressing cute, but not too cute. Beach Casual, some might say. This is your official e-vite; please respond in your next blog if you are coming. Fantastic, Mr. Fox is playing downstairs, so you may never find out how this day ended, but that’s okay because Meg is skipper tomorrow, and the holes will be filled. I will also help her write the blog tomorrow, so you are all in for a treat.
Signing off,
Love Keaton, Meg, and Addisen <3

Pic1: Addisen hahaha
Pic 2: Me, Katie, and Addisen (I am just now realizing that today is a very Addisen heavy blog post, to her fans, you’re welcome, and to everyone else, you’re welcome)
Pic 3: The only reason I made everyone take a pic in this chair is that it had WI on it, but Chris’s feet blocked it, so a useless picture yet again
Pic 4: Liam climbing the rope
Pic 5: Addisen and I flaunting our ring pops
Pic 6: Katie going for a dip
Pic 7: Dinner time
Pic 8: Goats, haha
Pic 9: The boat Addisen, Keaton, and Meg are going to take around the world. Circumnavigate that is. Charming, isn’t it?
Pic 10: Julian climbing the rope
Pic 11: Post sunset
Pic 12: Liam on the playground
Pic 13: Max climbing the rope, even after he sustained an injury to his finger. Lucky for us, he pulled through.
Pic 14: Hi Vela! We miss you and hope you are reading this blog
Pic 15: Meg and Johnny finally getting their Arnold Palmers
Pic 16: Jumping