Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Today was the last day of program before we start our final boat appreciation tomorrow. Everyone took some time this morning to explore a little more before reconvening this afternoon for our final group hike. As the days are winding down, we thought it would be fun to share our Argo experience this semester through 87 little #justargothings that have kept us going and made us laugh.

1. Shirts mandatory, pants optional
2. Can I do wake-ups?
3. squeeze clap
4. Am I on watch?
5. Are you on watch?
6. The Vortex
7. Shit Im a chef tomorrow
8. Ians Jokes
9. Its all a metaphor
10. Until I was 24, I thought the Super Bowl was a big bowling tournament Ben
11. Dont want to pull in looking like a gypsy ship also Ben
12. I think what we should do is go see if the grocery store will take the boom in exchange for food also Ben
13. PFD spoons
14. Set the Jib!
15. Strike the Jib!
16. Seconds?
17. Odds
18. To be honest I didnt even realize you were missing Tina
19. Dear coffee cup, happy Valentines day, Love Tina.
20. Did you even pump?
21. Quick dip in the prop shaft
22. Have you seen Jackass?… We should put someone on the chart house and crash jibe to see how far theyd go. Ben
23. Potatricia
24. You can each eat one onion a day we dont have any fruit Lindsay
25. Look how fast I sink with weights on after I take off my BCD. Robbie
26. How do you have so much energy? We eat the same amount of snacks! Riley
27. Industry names
28. Check out this bioluminescence! (pulls up shorts to reveal his white thighs) Robbie
29. Grace singing
30. Patrick asleep in the salon
31. Patrick asleep on the floor of the port three-man (not even his room)
32. Deck showers
33. Respect the send
34. Set the jib!
35. Old man Dan and the powerful man thighs
36. Strike the jib!
37. Dan setting the jib by himself
38. Gumby suit snugs
39. I woke her up but she fell back asleep twice
40. PFD tans
41. PFD burns
42. Can I just uhhh, check the bilge?
43. Are they trying to kill us or something?… Im just confused -Riley
44. Oh no straws please
45. Fish On!… someone get Harrison! (30 seconds later) JKWe lost it
46. #broomstickscience
47. Jack do you want the rest of my food?
48. Ian, where are the mugs?
49. Has anyone seen the Marine Bio flash-drive?
50. Argo ate it
51. Does anyone have pictures for the blog today?
52. Are you going bathing suit or foulies?
53. Danger catch!
54. Who wants to helm? silence
55. Bow watch? silence
56. Boat check? … Everyone volunteers
57. Are you clipped in?
58. Can I have some of your hot chocolate?
59. Can I have some of your tea?
60. What happened to all the Nutella?
61. I thought vegetarianism would be greatbut the beans. -Amy
62. Patrick Was that you?
63. Patrick are you okay? Im always okay.
64. I have to pee but I dont want to pump the head
66. Waaaahhhnnnn (one)
67. legal oats
68. Can you see red? I can see red!
69. Can we turn the AC on?
70. Suicidal flying fish
71. Why does it smell like eggs up forward?
72. Boat pet?
73. Stepping on cleats
74. Toes in d-rings
75. Does this look infected? Everyone
76. Julians beard
77. Dan shaving
78. Calling Kris on a Sunday
79. HBO (help a brother out)
80. Did we forget to wake up Fiona?
81. Oh! 32 Riley
82. Ians instructor voice
83. Big OK (said in Ians instructor voice)
84. Has anyone seen my clothes?
85. Can I borrow your shampoo?
86. Can you pass me my water bottle?