Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Some people have been ticking off the last time they are going to do a chore on the chore wheel. Other people are thinking of the last time they are going to eat a particular meal or their last test or their last paper. We are coming to that time of the trip where we are doing things for the last time. Today, we made our last passage. A short one I’ll grant you, less than an hour, but our last passage nonetheless. The shipmates spent most of the morning presenting their Oceanography research projects while the crew got the boat ready for the Mediterranean moor that was going to be happening later in the day. Once we shut down the engine for the last time and hooked up shore power for the last time, folks got the chance to explore on their search for lunch ashore. The afternoon was taken up by the last exam of the trip, marine biology, with sights set on an evening around a fire accompanied by the various accouterments for smores and each other on Pigeon Beach. Now we find ourselves making our nightly home in our bunks for one of the last times aboard Argo.