Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

We started the day by taking our Oceanography final exam in the morning. In the afternoon, we shifted to the second day of our final boat appreciation. Those of use who did not work yesterday stayed aboard Argo and completed some messy jobs to get Argo shipshape for her next voyage. The rest of us went ashore to Antigua. A couple of us played basketball with a local, Tony, and his kid, Zachariah. A couple more found a pool table and played a few rounds. The rest of us explored Falmouth Harbor and checked out the boats that came in for the classic yacht regatta. Meanwhile, in the galley, our chefs Ethan, Colin, and the head chef, Jeremy cooked some of the most creative meals of the semester, such as hamburgers with pancakes for buns. This evening, we closed off leadership with a final class.