Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

These are true facts about Sea|mester. Again.
Normally on Sea|mester, youd wake up to a whole lot of ocean and sky, but not today. No, today we woke up in a strange and unfamiliar anchorage, given that wed arrived late the previous night. For those of us whod been asleep for the final hour or so of the passage from Les Saintes, it was quite a jarring morning, being in a strange new place. Although what was more jarring, in this humble skippers opinion, was the total absence of pancakes. Where are my pancakes, Jack?
Im not bitter, I swear.
Anyhow, after a class in the morning and a leisurely post-meal cleanup, some of the crew got to go ashorethe other crew members, though, got to bust their butts on the boat, making her look lovely again, which is fine. The rest of us will get to bust our butts tomorrow, so we all get to be sore and tired together while our fair lady Argo bobs calmly in the swell. You worked hard, Argo, maybe you want a pia colada. Maybe I want a pia colada too. Maybe we should all get pia coladas and call it good, hmm? No, thatd be too easy.
The time came and went ashore because at least I got a smoothie today. Unfortunately, it didnt occur to me to take a picture of it, thinking itd have been too boring, which is probably true. More unfortunate is that the crew aboard-ship who I asked to take photos for me forgot to as well, so theres a lovely photo from the morning to illustrate our hopes for the day, followed by a photo to illustrate our exhaustion post-cleaning. Oh, and a photo of our new first mate, Dannigan, who is most certainly not Dan McKenzie with a new beard. A totally new person, its quite incredible, really.
Now were rapidly approaching the end of our voyage, and weve really become a family. A dysfunctional family, but a family. Argo, despite the difficulties, is our home, our adventure, our wanderlust, and our happiness. More than anything, Argo is worthwhile, truly, in every way.
Reread this in the Zefrank voice if you didnt the first time. A quick hello to all my friends and family at home, abroad, and back at school, Ill see you all soon. Skipper Ethan, signing off.