Location: Antigua

The sky was clear, and the sun was already shining bright by the time the boat woke up for our last day at Nelson’s Dockyard. Rescue divers in training began their day by finishing up the last of their theory work, while our shipmates worked on some rigging that needed some attention before we left the dock. After lunch, March Madness brackets were evaluated, and current standings announced.On to Falmouth Bay! We cast off from the dock, picking up both the anchors we dropped for the med mooring without a hitch. The move was only to the next bay over, so it went by quickly. Soon after, potential rescue divers put their kits together and jumped in the water to play victim and rescuer, practicing some tows and rescues we’d learned earlier. The afternoon passed quickly, and after a fantastic treat of Ceviche and tartar from the fresh fish to accompany our chili, we headed down to the salon (family room) for a class on marine mammals.
Marine mammal fun fact: sea lions have little ear flaps, while seals do not. This is how you can tell your sea lion and seal marine mammal friends apart next time you’re all hanging out in the deep blue sea! Also, only 2% of the blue whale population pre-whaling is still alive. Save the whales!