Location: Dominica

Everyone on Ocean Star awoke early this morning for a dawn departure to the Boiling Lake. We met our guide Pancho for the drive to the base of the hike and stopped along the way to buy some just-out-of-the-oven bread. The hike began with a steady ascent into the depths of Dominica’s rainforest, crossing Breakfast River where we could stop for a snack and to refill empty water bottles, and reaching the summit of our hike mid-morning. But there was still much left to explore. Past the highest point, the crew hiked down into the Valley of Desolation where sulfur springs bubble out of the ground and the air smells strongly of rotten eggs. We stopped here for lunch – fresh bread with Pancho’s specialty, saltfish and hot sauce – and then continued on to one of the world’s only boiling lakes. On the way back, everyone had the opportunity to explore the hot springs and to wash off the mud which Pancho assures us is good for your skin. Back at the base of the hike the crew enjoyed a refreshing dip in the Titou Gorge where scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed. Exhausted after the long day, everyone returned to the boat by 15:00 with time remaining to splash around with some local kids who swam out to explore the boat. Tonight, we are enjoying a must-deserved break with dinner and a night out.