Location: Roseaux, Dominica

After a nice breakfast, we all got split up into our BA and provisioning groups. This BA was a thorough cleaning, scrubbing the fridge, cleaning the hull, and scrubbing the cap rails. After Ocean star was looking like a true shining star, we had an hour or so of free time till lunch which turned out to be great BLT’s. After lunch, we had a double dive planned with Dominica Diving. Around 1:30, we headed over to motor out to the diving locations. Our first dive was spectacular, where there was a reef wall that dropped into the abyss. Our next dive was further in, which was called Champagne because of the sulfur coming up through the ground, which was extremely warm. On this dive, we got to see a lot of new species that none of us had seen yet on this trip. When all was said and done, we de-kitted and headed back to shore, where Simon came to pick us up. With not much time left to cook dinner, Mike started slaving over a well-deserved dinner which was pork chops and a nice array of veggies.