Location: Antigua - Falmouth Harbour


Today we started our day with a brisk wake-up that quickly turned into a scenario for rescue diving. This sprung everyone out of their bed and immediately onto the deck in order to help the victims. After our first failed attempt, we were much more comfortable with how to handle the situation, leading us to doing a much better attempt and passing it. This left us with one more surprise scenario before we were able to pass our rescue course. After this scenario, we had breakfast which was yogurt and fresh fruit. We then sent Amanda Shuman up the rig and moved on to our course evaluations, where we noted down our highlights and suggestions for the courses we took. When we finished this, we moved on to our last shore day before we started preparing the boat for the next voyage it will move onto. This gave us ample time to explore, relax and reflect on our time with Argo. We ate lunch on shore and had some cool beverages. When four o’clock came around, we headed back to Argo. After a little bit of time passed, we experienced another scenario. We used our skills to save the victims and ended up passing this scenario as well. This means that we all passed our rescue course as we all passed the written exam as well!!! We ate an excellent dinner by Peter, Max, Ben, and Nat, which was roasted ham with mashed potatoes, roasted beetroot and plantains, and soy for vegetarians. This concluded our calm day, and we are ready for the storm in the upcoming days.