Location: Guana Island

With the trip nearing the end, our schedule has been slowing as the crew has been busy studying for the last of exams and papers. The day started out very relaxed as some of the crew put up hammocks on deck as we enjoyed a sunny motor to Guana Island. With everyone feeling tired from the hot sun and intense studying, it was a quiet afternoon as some napped, worked on research papers, and blobbed around in the water on our orange life preservers. Feeling antsy to get up and move around, some decided to explore the bats and ocean monster cave while others windsurfed and tied ratlines. By the time dinner rolled around, everyone was feeling refreshed and reenergized and enjoyed a delicious dinner of stir fry brought to us by chefs Shea and Mollie with the usual dinner talk that never fails to be entertaining. With everyone craving sweets, we decided to bake brownies and cookies and what better way to enjoy those than with a movie! After much discussion, we decided to watch Life Aquatic as a crew on deck. It was a nice, laid back day before the crazy test and presentations to prepare for as we make our way through our last week here on Ocean Star.