Location: Sandy Spit

We started the day in Lee Bay, Great Camanoe Island, a small quiet spot just a mile or so northeast of Tortola. After a quick breakfast, we fired up the diesel engine and began motoring westward towards Jost Van Dykes. While underway, the crew launched into some end of trip cleaning projects. Some people tackled organizing and cleaning all the cabinets in the galley. Others went deep into the bilges and swept out all the crud that had been accumulating there over the course of the trip. It’s all a team effort to make the boat as good as or better than when we started out at the beginning of the semester. We pulled into an anchorage by Sandy Spit at the east end of Jost Van Dykes, and after a quick lunch, getting ready to go dive at a site known as the playgrounds. The playgrounds are an underwater jumble of boulders and corals, populated by everything from tiny fry to large spotted eagle rays. The crew spent the afternoon exploring this site and hanging out on the picturesque beach at Sandy Spit. Tonight the crew will be presenting the findings from their research projects that they have been conducting over the course of the trip. A well rounded day in a tropical playground!