Location: 29 02.42'S 11 30.16'E

As the first light starts to break on the dawn watch team, the sun illuminates the grey cloud cover blanketing the endless sea horizon surrounding Argo. As the third day of our passage to Saint Helena begins, the individual days start to blend together and conglomerate into a single cycle of being on watch, sitting in class, eating meals, and sneaking in naps in between to keep the cycle rolling. Our legs are beginning to rhythmically sense the roll of the boat. Our hands instinctively find their way to rails and hold as we travel from stern to bow. Even with the mainsail down and the boom lying in two pieces on the deck, the daily cycle seems to roll faster and faster as we fall into the rhythm of living and working alongside each other. Slowly but surely, the crew of a sailing yacht is starting to emerge out of this clutter of eager and anxious kids.