Location: 27 33.77'S 9 57.21'E

After a long night of watches filled with bad (and good) impressions, dancing, and knot tying, the saloon was still full of students this morning working on homework thats due in the next couple of days and scrambling for caffeine out of the blessed hot water maker in the corner of the galley. The day got more exciting right before a super tasty lunch when everyone heard Harrisons fishing rod with a bite on the back of the boat. Everyone slowly walked towards the fishing rod in a daze, while Harrison parkour sprinted across the deck as fast as he could to pull the flopping Mahi Mahi on deck. Amy took this as an opportunity for an impromptu biology lesson, teaching us all about the different parts of a fish and opening its stomach to observe its contents. Harrison excitedly filleted half of the fish during Amys lesson, and many of us tasted the super fresh meat. Tragedy struck when a particularly roll-y wave sucked the second half of the fish – still un-filleted – right off the side of Argo and back into the ocean from whence it came. After recovering from our tragic loss, we commenced lunch cleanup during which everyone was alarmed by the sound of a life jacket setting off on a very shocked Jess, standing in the middle of the companionway far from any water (her emergency pull tab had gotten accidentally caught). We then had a biology class with Amy, followed by a study hall that was much-needed for many of us. Everyone snacked and prepared for dinner as Lindsay cheffed an awesome lasagna. We congregated for dinner and answered the squeeze question of If you were trapped on a deserted island for a year with another of Argos crew, who would it be and why?