Location: Mt. Point, BVI

Split into two activities today, the crew of the Ocean Star is proud to say: “We found adversity and overcame it” -Michael: Tonight at Squeeze. Truly inspiring words. It was largely agreed that the Advanced Open Water students certainly put in some effort to both find adversity AND overcome it when putting on the jib. Here’s what a participant on the scene had to say: “Lots of teamwork. Harder than expected. We got it done and are proud.” -Sydney: Tonight, when I asked her about it.
The Open Water Students had just about the same experience. From water-logged swimmers’ ears to misinterpreting underwater hand signals in the most hilarious ways, “We got it done and are proud” may be the best way to sum things up. We took our first big stride entries off the side of Oceanstar, went into open water for the first time together, and managed to all make it safely back (not for the first time, luckily). We also got to make buddies with a barracuda, cuddle a conch, and stare intently at some of the smallest shrimp while on our dives. While today was busy, we did still manage to keep our fathers in mind throughout the day; special thanks to Daniel, Todd, Joe, Luis, Mike F, Gus, Bob, Brent, Mike M, Ryan, Alan, Mike JM, Keenan, Jonathan, and Mark for making this experience possible for all of us students! And Mark, Gary, Steve, and Meghan’s dad (I’m so sorry we don’t have your name, she’s already asleep)! Please enjoy these dad-esque photos as a token of our gratitude. (The ones of us dressed as dads plus Ash’s selfie)