Location: Underway to East London

Midnight, we leave from Durban for one of our last passagse as our time together begins to flicker like the end of a candle, the passages are much enjoyed and appreciated by all of us. The sun today seemed to know what we were interested in, as it was fully risen by 0415 and many of us were up with it for the whole day. However, as our candle has not yet begun to flicker, the stalk is getting noticeably short and the emotions around the boat are growing thick. This close to the end I have found it difficult to stay fully aware and present, as it will be painful when we do part. This trip though has made me realize something that I have known for my whole life, that great sadness and great happiness not only go hand and hand, but if they do not coexist then you find yourself in a very drab, cold place where time and life begins to bleed together. This was my time before Sea|mester, but will not be my time ever again. Friends will be missed and tears may be shed, but time will not be forgotten