Location: East London, South Africa

We arrived in East London at around midday, with the cry of all hands on deck having been made a few hours prior to our pilotage into the harbour. East London, South Africa’s only true river port, appears to be a lot smaller than the previous two large commercial ports of Richards Bay and Durban but we were met with an ebbing current flowing out of the river into the estuary. The proposed dock, however, was most definitely not the type Argo was accustomed too, with large rusty piers for support. A small crack team was tasked with engineering a few large scale fendering devices to accompany “Jerome” (our resident goliath fender) in order to prevent Argo from contracting tetanus! Following a textbook docking, a full scale Boat Appreciation (BA) operation was put into action, restoring Argo back to her natural beauty and the envy of the marina. Showers followed dinner, which in turn was followed by another chapter in the Blue Planet series, entitled “Deep Oceans.”