Location: Gorda Sound

Today marked our arrival into Virgin Gorda, which translates into “fat virgin.” We started out the day with our first MTE (sailing) class, then applied our fresh knowledge by sailing from Mountain Point to Gorda Sound. We ate lunch while underway, which can be quite an adventure keeping Pringles from flying off our plate. We came into Gorda Sound with all six of Ocean Star’s sails raised, which we learned was a first for the crew this early in the program! After dropping anchor, we had a mangrove lab for Oceanography class, did some snorkeling, and saw a bunch of barracuda hanging out in the mangroves. We took our emergency first responder tests after dinner and then had BROWNIES! Yum. Oh, and we have to be extra vigilant on our anchor watches for the next few nights as some of our friends from Action Quest might be plotting a prank. I’m sort of hoping they try to sneak on during my watch so I can soak them with the hose.