Location: St. Vincent

This morning, I decided to wake everyone up with the most motivational song I could think of. Naturally, I went with the theme song from Pokemon. The song was rather effective until the speaker I was using died mid-wake-ups. From there, I was forced to do manual wake-ups, which were far less effective. Eventually, everyone was awake and ready to consume some sugar-coated French toast made by Sophia. This french toast put iHOP to shame with its level of sugar, not only was it coated in sugar but there was a bowl of sugar to sprinkle on top along with a bag of powdered sugar and of course syrup Nutella and honey. The whipped cream experiment did not pan out. Otherwise, there would’ve been whipped cream, too. After breakfast, the students completed their Peak Performance Buoyancy dive and are now masters of buoyancy, as they completed tasks similar to those of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Swimming through hoops and spinning around, they are true purebred. For the record, I do not think of the students (Clients) as pet dogs, although the commands required are not that different, and ice cream holds the same power as a doggy bone. The rest of the day breezed by, and we got fresh food. Allie harassed an old lady who was just trying to sell some tomatoes, and we ate chicken tikka masala for lunch. Then the Fish Identification Dive rolled around, and I know what you’re thinking… is my child now a marine biologist? The answer is no. However, they can identify five Caribbean fish and draw pictures that vaguely resemble fish. Except for Mads, her fish drawings were actually amazing, and Alva identified about 25 different fish, so she might actually be a marine biologist now; I’m not sure. Dinner was Spaghetti Carbonara, and it was great, thanks to Arielle’s family recipe. We’re headed to bed early tonight as we will be getting up early to head for St. Vincent. Mom, I miss you and hope you had a fun Moms’ Trip.