Location: Bequia

Waking up to the smell of lemon poppy seed muffins baking is probably one of the best ways to start the morning. After the crew devoured our breakfast with sides of fruit, yogurt, peanut butter, and basically
all the fixings you could imagine, cleanup was a breeze in the dishes/salite/freshie pit, thanks to my hype house music. For class today we participated in a review for Seamanship and learned about marine birds and reptiles
in Marine Biology; our brains were quite satisfied with another productive day of learning. Just before noon, we took off in the dinghies where Bequia’s shoreline waited for us. Stepping onto a dock after being anchored for a few days is always a thrilling experience, getting to smell the salty island air and roam through the streets looking for essentials with fresh eyes. Sometimes, though, if you’re really lucky, one of the local dogs will follow you around and slump at your feet, expecting nothing but belly rubs. One of the super sweet things about Bequia is the boardwalk, lined with conch shells that trails the entire path on the beach into town along with vendors selling whale bone and native fruits galore, it truly is a hidden gem of the Caribbean. Topping off the day, literally and figuratively, with a few sunset beers on the beach, it’s entirely possible we all felt satisfied with the saltwater in our hair and the cold beverages in our hands. Getting back to Vela where a fully prepared hot meal waited for us, just the way to end the evening.
Sophia >.<