Location: BVI

Wednesday began with the deeply saddening news of Rudy’s (hopefully temporary) departure. He needs to take a couple of weeks off in order to make a full, healthy, and safe recovery, and if all goes well, he will rejoin with his shipmates in the Azores. The crew exchanged heartfelt goodbyes early this morning before turning their attentions to our final preparations for our Trans-Atlantic journey. Fortunately, the staff decided it best we avoid rushing into such a demanding journey and postponed our departure until tomorrow morning. Instead, in addition to continuing to prepare for our trip, we took a much-needed little excursion across the island to Smugglers Bay, Tortola, for an absolutely beautiful beach day. After enjoying the sunny shore for a few hours, we headed back to our mighty vessel to gather provisions for ourselves as well as each other and continued prepping. Over the course of about three hours throughout the afternoon, our captain Kris patiently stood by as around 11,200 liters of fuel were pumped into Argo. After a much appreciated Mexican-themed dinner, we plan on watching a movie together as a crew in celebration of our approaching departure. Speaking for the crew, I’m sure today has been a roller coaster of emotions for everyone on board, but on the other hand, you can feel the excitement building as we creep ever closer to our time of departure tomorrow morning.