Location: BVI

Today was a pretty eventful day! It all started with some delicious breakfast burritos, and then we set off to take a hike on Savannah Bay. The hike was really fun. For our Oceanography class, we had to observe two different sides of the island (windward and leeward) and differentiate between the two. The windward side was the coolest. There were lots of rocks, so we were able to see all the different types of organisms that live around them. I saw some incredible-looking sea urchins and also played around with some of the sea snails. After that, we were given a little free time to swim and relax on the beach, then headed back to the boat for lunch. We quickly cleaned up from lunch and got ready to sail back to West End. It was a really good sail with lots of jibing, but it took us quite some time to get to where we were headed. We then docked the boat, covered the sails, showered, and had a wonderful dinner of grouper and mashed potatoes! We have a couple more things to do tonight, one of them being our Oceanography class, and then we get to rest up for a full day of working to prepare for our sail across the Atlantic Ocean!