Location: BVI

We woke up to a breakfast of french toast and the task of finishing some leftover prep for the sail that day. We worked on the passage prep to make sure everything was ready for our sail to the island of Virgin Gorda. This was our first sail without the engine running, and we got to put up all but two out of our six sails. We sailed at about 8 knots and anchored near The Baths. One of our final shipmates, Anastacia, arrived on board just before lunch. After lunch, we lowered the dinghies and went over to The Baths. This used to be a stop for slave trading ships to bathe the slaves. At the time, the slaves wore blue beads on a necklace and would be awarded beads for good behavior. When we got there, we went exploring through the caves created by many massive boulders on the shore. Lindsey found one of the beads that were worn by the slaves on the path that led through the caves to Devil’s Bay. We left The Baths around 15:00. When we arrived back on Argo, we pulled up the anchor to motor over to Savannah Bay, where we would anchor for the night. Once anchored, we put the sail covers back on and took our salty showers. While dinner was being prepped, our final shipmate, Gabe, arrived, and we had our first meal with the complete group. After dinner, we went over how our first anchor watch would work before we went on to our Seamanship class before the start of anchor watch.