Location: Great Harbour Peter

Today was the day many of us have been waiting for, the first sail on Ocean Star. We awoke early to the shrill sound of a fire drill, and after learning our roles in that scenario, we ate a quick breakfast and began preparing the ship to sail, a specific process of events that transforms our floating home into a highly mobile sailing machine. After hauling back the anchor the crew began by setting the mainsail and worked through setting all four of our lower sails in a healthy breeze. Our next task was to maneuver the ship through the Gorda Sound Channel and into the Sir Francis Drake Channel bound for Peter Island. Along the way we tacked, jibed, performed a “man-over-board” drill, and worked Ocean Star through each of the different points of sail, we also circumnavigated a small island called Dead Chest en route to our destination. We sailed into Great Harbour Peter around 15:00, struck all sail, picked up our mooring ball, and began constructing “camp Ocean Star” with sail covers and tarps. The afternoon was dedicated to diving instruction and studying for the Open Water final exam. We set up the grills and watched the sunset as we bid farewell to another magnificent day in the Caribbean.