Location: Wayag

Today was busy for all. With a deadline for a paper set at the end of today and the dive gear coming out for the first time in at least a week, there was rarely a moment’s rest. This doesn’t mean that today was a boring day, however. Raja isn’t called the best diving in the world for nothing. Everyone got to blow some bubbles underwater today, one of our favorite activities. We have been missing it since we left Palau. Staghorn coral, usually near impossible to find thanks to its sensitivity, was in such abundance there were moments you saw nothing else. Sharks too, in such abundance, if you grew up here, it would be stranger not to see them in a day. We also woke up to two more boats anchored near us, which was strange, as Wayag doesn’t get much traffic. The equator is about as hot as one would imagine, and shade is something much appreciated. We had wontons for dinner, which was pretty cool too.

A very Blurry Amelia
Tim’s sassy finger
Study time