Location: Wayag, Raja Ampat

We started off the morning with an early wake-up because we had a busy day of classes and diving. After getting the tarp up over the chart house to stay dry, we had a wonderful breakfast prepped by Hu. Then it was class time. We had marine bio and leadership planned. After a good marine bio class, leadership was up. We were all getting ready to start when the staff came down and told us there were mantas on the other side of the channel from Argo. So instead of leadership, we went swimming with mantas. Best canceled classes I have ever had.

After we got back to Argo, it was a rolling lunch and time for three groups of diving. I was in group one, and we went to Bommie Bowl. It was a fantastic dive, with tons of fish and coral. We saw five blacktip reef sharks. The best part of the dive was the fields of staghorn coral. It was breathtaking. After the first two groups went diving, we had a little break due to the rising tide. We all had some free time to swim and go to the beach around Argo. Once the tide was in a good spot, the last group went, and we went three for three on dives today. All of them were amazing. We finished off the day with a fantastic sunset. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for the PSCT students. We have our first exam at 0630.

Looking forward to many more days in Raja.

Love you, Mom, Dad, Big T, Ella, and Papa