Location: Wayag, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Hello! Mom, I am finally writing on the blog 😉
First of all, Lorence and Shery, I just confirmed that Chris had an amazing day! 18th birthday on Argo!! We sang to him all day long, and he was asked to give a couple of speeches which he did. Margo, Vivian, Carly, and even Chris himself prepared some mochi and chocolate cookie cake for dinner.
Some of us started the day early in the morning, right before sunrise… D and Chloe did the 5 to 6 anchor watch, Rykleigh woke up to take some cool sunrise shootings with her drone, Lolo was up cheffing some tasty bagels for breakfast with Kayli’s and Vivian’s help, and the PSCT students (Will, Zack, Chloe, Huu, Sydnei, Matt and me) also started to rise and shine around six getting ready for our first exam, COLREGS which we took at 6:30 am. I was supposed to wake everyone up with my ukelele, but Gabe did it for me while I was taking the test: still, I got to wake up our sleepy Amelia, who was pretty efficient in waking some other lazy souls that were still lying on their bunks, with her scream.
Bagels for breakfast with Nutella, cookie butter, peanut butter, cream cheese, jam, etc. food on Argo is amazing!!! We’ve all managed pretty well to cook for 31 people for now. For the parents reading this, your little babies are doing a very good job 😉
After breakfast, we took dinghy rides to a beach West from our anchorage. We packed shoes, snorkeling gear, and full water bottles for a hybrid land-water morning experience. We climbed a slightly steep and sharp cliff covered by a dense, tall, and colorful vegetation cover that gave us good shelter from the roasting sun of the equator (don’t worry, we’re all using sunscreen, shirts, and no one is sunburnt. WHAT A VIEW we got from the top of that rocky island!!! Just exactly what you see on postcards or nature TV programs, breathtaking. After expending some time admiring the immensity of nature surrounding us, we began heading back down to the beach, where we refreshed our sweaty bodies and relaxed in the turquoise Indonesian waters. With Navarre, we sprinted multiple times along the beach, enjoying the ample space to move around in land 🙂 He is really into fitness, and sometimes he manages to get some training buddies. I wasn’t too far away from tying with our athlete, though…
We came back to Argo for lunchtime. Lolo was waiting for us with chicken wraps, salad, mashed potatoes, and more!
After lunch, we had a Leadership afternoon in which everyone presented a “Tim talk” (5 min TED Talk) about a topic of their own interest. Listening to all the different stories and knowledge about such a diversity of topics was really interesting. We learned about cocaine hippos spreading from Escobar’s properties to the rest of the country and how Colombia has not yet found a solution to it… “we can’t just kill a hippo,” “we can’t just ship it to Africa” – Rykleigh. We learned some Canadian Geography and fun facts from our Canadian crew member Kayli. Carly shared with us about Down Syndrome and other diagnoses. Chloe gave a very good and passionate speech about a semi-aquatic mountain goat of her own creation. Ian told us about his skiing history from when he lived in Alaska to when he moved to Utah. We learned about types of regattas with Matt’s presentation. Grace explained to us the four agreements with an appealing speech dynamic. Vivian encouraged us to change some daily polluting habits, and Jack took us into World War 1 and 2 naval history.
I don’t know if anybody mentioned this yet, but we have had a group of blacktip sharks swimming around the boat since the day we arrived, and today I got to see how one of them jumped all the way out of the watershowing its white belly!
For the squeeze question, we went with “What is/are your goal/s for this voyage? or what would you like to achieve?” Will’s goal is to pass PSCT class, so far, so good! Preston is working on his work ethic and Margo in not making assumptions. Many of us look forward to gaining lifelong friendships and enjoying this trip, giving our best every day.

Ma, pa! Espero que anden muuuy bien y que esa cabalgata que hicieron les haya recargado las pilas 😉 No tengo idea de cuando voy a conseguir wifi de vuelta, la veo complicada… Estamos manteniendonos alejados de la civilizacion (el teclado no tiene tildes) por el momento. Aunque ya estamos en el dia 35, todavia nos quedan 2/3 del viaje, increible, estoy muy feliz! Los extrano y extrano (tampoco tiene enie…) Argentina, a veces escucho musica del choripiano y me teletransporto. Tambien escucho la playlist de las chicas y el top 50 obveo, mucha fiesta a la vuelta amiguiisss. Caro todavia no hice el backflip pero pronto, prometido. Me imagino lo que seria tener a alguna de ustedes aca, caotico. Saludos a Belen, fran, guadita, loly y juli a quien espero ver a la vuelta! Adrian me dijo que podia hacer dulce de leche poniendo las latas de leche condensada a hervir por dos horas… veremos.

1. Distracted Lolo cheffing, Chris enjoying life with Gordon who is ready to eat the cake and Vivian holding her masterpiece, dessert squad (Chris, Margo, Carly, Jack), Us enjoying the cake (Grace, Will, Whitney, and I)
2. The hike! Rykleigh, Whitney, Kayli, Amelia, and Margo at the back; Justin, Sid, Amelia, Rykleigh, and I with the view; the view, part of it; Justin, matt, Vivian, and Gordon