Location: Pigeon Island, Guadeloupe

Bonjour from Guadeloupe!
This morning, we started the day with NavMaster practice exams and a quick boat move. We were asked by the National Park here to move as we were a bit close to the super cool fish, which was totally fine by us. The practice exam seemed to go well, considering it was an hour and a half of straight-up math, which most of us agree isn’t necessarily our strong suit. After the exam, we all headed to shore to explore this gorgeous island, which had quickly become one of my favorites so far. Ask me why, and here’s your answer: baguettes! I really love bread, so any island where I can get a two-foot-long fresh-baked baguette for less than two dollars is a great place in my mind. Other highlights included time spent at the spa, a food truck with some epic milkshakes, and a store that sold just about anything you could think of. Seriously. You want gardening supplies? They have it. Hair extensions? That too. About 20 different shirts that say some version of “I heart Guada” in various fonts printed off-center? They have you covered! We spent at least an hour walking around this store in awe and spending likely way too much money. Basically everything I could ever ask for in an island.
When we felt thoroughly tired of shopping, we headed back to the beach, where we reunited with a bunch of our new friends from Ocean Star. It was great to get to see them again, and I know we will all be pretty sad to go our separate ways tomorrow morning. We all hung out on the beach for a bit before getting picked up to go back to Vela. Frida, Mads, and Las cooked up some awesome chicken teriyaki, and Allie made us all some chocolate chip cookie brownies for Easter eve. Now, we are all about to head down to the salon for some Oceanography presentations before some much-needed sleep.
This should be my last day as skipper (very sad, I know), so I guess this is me signing off! Thanks to everyone who tuned in and read this post. 🙂
Lots of love to the fam and friends back home, can’t wait to see you all soon!