Location: Barbados

Another lovely day aboard Argo and another day of open-water diving! Today people were split into the open water class and the already certified divers. The certified divers spent the morning diving a shipwreck dive. So cool! There were lots of cool fish and corals. While the certified divers dove in the morning, the open water class got some shore time. We went to art galleries and cafes; it was a very tasty morning. I personally have never appreciated an overpriced smoothie so much in my entire life…it was magical. After coffee smoothies and art, we walked back and got ready. Today Mg, Gabe D, Elisabeth, and Katie went in for round two. We practiced some cool diving skills and played hangman underwater, and wrote a story to kill some time at the bottom as well. As we were sitting at the bottom, we looked over to our right, and there she was, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen: a manta ray. Elegant, mystical, and peaceful is how I would describe the manta. We raced to follow her over the coral and over the reef fish, but to no avail, as she was gone in the blink of an eye. After surfacing, we practiced a few more skills, went down for a second dive, and practiced some more. After diving, it was about 4:30, and we headed back to the boat. The rest of the day was well-spent swimming, eating dinner, listening to music, and studying oceanography. As the sun set, the crew of Argo began to wind down for a well-deserved night’s rest…talk soon from the crew of Argo to you and yours.