Location: 0 09.15'N 39 17.75'W

Today we crossed the Equator!

After our Leadership class on mediation, Ben started to slow down the boat. We all hopped off by doing backflips, cannonballs, pencil jumps, and belly flops and continued to swim across the 0 Latitude line. We all think its cool that were able to say we crossed the Equator while sailing in the Atlantic so, literally the middle of nowhere – as opposed to just off the coast of Brazil or a similar place.

Also happy birthday to our shipmate Ethan! After dinner and Squeeze, we ate chocolate chip cookies made by Lindsay to celebrate.

To Mom, Dad, and Genna: I just wanted to let you know that its been awesome out here and that I participated fully in the Shellback ceremony

Enjoy another photo from the ceremony yesterday. It was too fun not to share!