Location: Underway to Antigua

We set sail the 24th around 6 pm and expected to arrive at Antigua the next morning. A couple of hours into the trip, the main engine was turned off, giving us the opportunity to solely rely on the wind and our sails to make it to Antigua. Our watch teams tacked several times due to the unfavorable wind direction and swells, almost tripling the length of our trip but giving us some great line handling practice. The passage was quite rough, and there were a few small rainstorms that freshwater rinsed us all off, but our chefs still managed to cook great meals down below, including pizzas on bagels and pasta for dinner. We arrived in Antigua around 2 AM and dropped anchor. After a long day at sea and several boat watches, everyone was ready for a good night’s sleep, looking forward to a great next day in Antigua.

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