Location: Underway to Gibraltar

Begun the Prank Wars have. It all started at the end of the eight to twelve watch with Watch Team 3 on. Two figures dressed in unicorn pajamas stepped out of the chart house to get the brief for the next twelve to four watch. The assumption was that these two cloaked figures were Gabe and Phoebe from Watch Team 1, the expected staff who would get the brief. However, something was off about these two phantoms in the night. They both averaged much smaller than the two leaders, and “Gabe” was wearing nail polish and an ankle bracelet: unusual. Though their faces were obstructed, some of Watch Team 3 were not fooled. The second surprise happened after the brief when Watch Team 2 showed up to relieve 3. This was unusual as Watch Team 1 always relieves 3, not 2. But this confusion was soon alleviated as a sound came up from the depths of the chart house.

Everyone looked around in confusion as electrical dance music started getting louder, and soon, a shadowy figure appeared, emerging from below decks. “Watch Teams 2 and 3, you are relieved!” bellowed Gabe as the music’s volume reached its apex and a rave dancing Watch Team 1 stormed the chart house, instigating a midnight dance party. This prank was only just the beginning. Later in the morning, Watch Team 2 came up on deck to find Watch Team 1 playing a classic game of Mount Rushmore in their gumbi suits and eating peanuts. This, however, was not Watch Team 1 as the gumbi suits were not filled with people but instead pillows and other stuffing. Watch Team 1 jump out and surprised everyone once again. Throughout the morning, though, a common site was seeing students and staff alike eating cereal and other breakfasts with comically large serving spoons. This was due to Watch Team 3’s hiding of the utensil bin with the location only known to them. The final prank of the day was pulled on Calum. After a report of there being a running leak in the engine room, he rushed down to assess the damage. Indeed there was a leak, the vegetable that is, in a pair of running shoes, and the only damage was to Calum’s pride. This was an account of the pranks of today and no spoilers, but tomorrow has much more in store. (Don’t tell the other watch teams.) For our daily routine, we had a discussion about the leadership qualities demonstrated in the movies White Squall and Maiden. We also took an Oceanography quiz and a game of Oceanography Jeopardy to study for our mid-term coming up. We sailed without the motor for the entire day as the winds were good, and some moderate waves crashing over the deck ensured that everyone got their recommended doses of Vitamin Sea. The meals of chicken pesto pasta and black bean burgers were especially tasty today, and as the day winds down to a close, clear skies made a beautiful sunset. The nav computer says we will arrive in Gibraltar in around a day, so everyone is excited and eager to get our land legs back. This is Alexander signing off.

Love you, Mom and Dad! Can’t wait to talk to you soon!