Location: Galleon Beach, Antigua

We rolled into “The Promise Land” (Antigua) at 3 am today. Upon arrival, we had about an 18-hour sail, so the crew was glad to finally be anchored. Waking up today in Freemans Bay was magical. This bay is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. We all went for a morning shower and swim. After our swim, we had bagel sandwiches and rolled into boat class. The boat class was light. The exam was cake. Then we transitioned into EFR training which involved some scenarios the crew had to respond to. After that, we set up a rope swing off the boom and had a great time watching the crew case it. It was gnarly. Later on in the day, a group went to snorkel a wreck and saw some big turtles. After Ava and I harvested some mangos and met up with the rest of the crew to have a feast. I started climbing coconut trees and retrieving coconuts. Then we broke into em and enjoyed coconuts on the beach. Even the waiter had one. After our mango coconut feast, we swam back to the boat and showered up before dinner. For dinner, we have some mac and cheese in the pot that I cannot wait to absolutely demolishgoing to be a good one.