Location: St. Eustatius

Alright, second time around being skipper. Still living the dream in yet another different place. Woke the crew up with the final countdown, one of the greatest achievements of hair metal. Had a well rounded breakfast and hit the Quill, the trail we hiked. Went past the president of St. Eustatius’ house on the way up to the rim of the island’s dormant volcano. Came back down the mountain and most some went back to the boat however a few, Rich, Jack, Tyler, Casey and yours truly, explored town and wound up eating at Sonny’s Chinese Restaurant. After a good filling lunch, we had a wonderful dive briefing before getting picked up by Neptune and Winston to go on our first ever wreck dive, on the Charlie Brown. This was awesome. This dive was a little over 30 minutes long and consisted of reaching a depth of 95 feet. The climax of the dive however was swimming through the entire length of Charlie Brown’s main hallway over 300 feet long. It was straight out of a movie and was just breathtaking. Everyone had a great time and was rewarded immensely by the experience. Hoorah!