Location: Statia

You can never have enough sail days, and today welcomed a beautiful passage from St. Barth’s to Statia. The morning began a little later than usually, as everyone was allowed to sleep in an additional half hour and were awoken by a delicious meal of eggy bread sandwiches. Following breakfast cleanup, the shipmates and our two oceanography teachers met on shore for a class in the shade of St. Barth’s palm trees. Once we were cleared out of customs, we dropped our dock lines, hauled up both anchors and motored out of the Port of Gustavia into open water. While in irons, we set the main, then the for’sl, followed by the staysail and the jib. For the next 6 hours we sailed a beautiful and comfortable port tack to St. Eustatius. Jibing around the southern tip of the island all hands were called on deck to strike the sails. After the anchor was dropped and the sails flaked to perfection, it was time for a well earned ocean shower. After days of being on the dock in St. Barth’s and Antigua with only land showers available, it was nice to once again have the opportunity to jump into the pristine clear Caribbean waters with shampoo in the hair. Feeling fresh and clean, the hungry crew sat down to spicy Lentil Surprise and now as the sun sets on the horizon MTE commences.