Location: Richards Bay, South Africa

And so it just keeps getting better and better. Today group 1 got back from an insane safari trip, so much happened. We all woke up in real beds this morning at 0430 to head off into the game park at 0500. After seeing more awesome animals like we did yesterday, it was back to the BandB for a wonderful breakfast. After a brief nap we headed up the river to watch the hippos and crocodiles in their natural habitat that happens to run right alongside the town of St. Lucia. Walking around the craft market and getting a brief snack was followed by my favorite part of the day, and here is whyToday I was wrapped up by a huge 2 meter snake and then held a (baby) crocodile. Despite being a long day we all were so excited when we got back to Argo. This was the first time we were separated over night from part of the crew. It just stuns me over and over how close we have all become so far to miss each other after being gone one night, oh and the fact we were on a safari in Africa.couldn’t be a better trip.