Location: Richards Bay, South Africa

Today, we awoke early to have a quick breakfast before leaving for group 2’s safari. At 7:30 Stefan, our rustic South African safari guide, was here to pick us up and we boarded the van, saying goodbye to the shipmates we would be leaving behind. The drive to the safari was interesting and we got to see some of the culture of the Zulu people, with all of their small houses and simple ways of life. Then we reached the game park and started our safari. We saw many animals including elephants, giraffes, zebras and many others. There were rumors that a leopard was in the area so we searched for it but had no luck in finding it or any of the other cat species, leopards, lions or cheetahs. Although, disappointed about not seeing any predators, we still all headed to the Bed and Breakfast a happy group, to have seen the animals we did and have spent a crammed but entertaining day in the van. Back at the Bed and Breakfast we were treated to a feast of steak, lamb and sides, followed by deserts. We all felt like we were treated like royalty and enjoyed a nice night sleep in comfy beds.