Location: Agadir, Morocco

Today was a day full of relaxation in several different forms, allowing us to rejuvenate after our long day of BA yesterday. After a lovely wake up by yours truly, we had a delicious breakfast of banana bread, followed by the remaining literature review presentations for oceanography. We learned about marine reserves, the decline of predatory fish, and other oceanography related topics, taking notes so that we could relay this information on our upcoming OCE exam. After the presentations, we had our “how-to presentations” by Malcolm and myself. I taught the crew how to have a traditional Quaker meeting, and Malcolm led us through a guided meditation; both proved to be extremely relaxing and restoring- there isn’t much room for silence aboard Argo, so this was a welcomed break! After those presentations, we had the rest of the day to explore and see what Agadir had to offer. Some people went to the beach (despite the rain), some sat at cafes, and some shopped for Halloween costumes. Many people took advantage of the world-class spa right across from the marina, indulging in scrubs, massages, and soaks. We all came back for dinner restored and relaxed, ready to enjoy our delicious meal of chicken wings. We have the night free to explore, although I suspect many of us will be spending the evening studying for our upcoming OCE and OCB exams. After studying, I know all of us will enjoy a full night of sleep, resting up for tomorrow, which will surely be another full day on Argo! set date:2012-10-30