Location: Mayreau

Today was a great day. After breakfast, we split up into two groups; Will, Bret, Jacob, Dominique, and I went to shore to explore the island of Mayreau, while Gwen, Collin, Aylee, James, Ben, and Bridget dove an awesome wreck. While onshore, we visited Dennis’s Hideaway, where we got free sodas in exchange for our helping the owner fix his computer. After cooling down in the ocean, we came back to the boat and had lunch and then went diving while the other group went to shore. Luckily, the wreck was really active, and we got to see a lot of awesome marine life. Somewhere in between the time after the dive and before dinner, the boys decided to give each other Mohawks. Ben was the most experienced in the field, so he took charge of dishing out some awesome haircuts. Needless to say, they all look great. After dinner, we were very excited to welcome Shayna back to Ocean Star (shed had to fly home for a couple of days) and had a great time catching up with her before finishing up our Oceanography presentations. We are all exhausted and looking forward to a great sail tomorrow!