Location: Mayreau to Tobago Cays

Today has definitely been an activity-filled day. After breakfast with most of us still in awe due to the lovely Mohawks the boys are now sporting, we had Nicks Marine Biology class and then prepared ourselves for a treacherous passage (kidding!) 3 whole nautical miles away to the Tobago Cays. Once we finished passage prep, we set sail, had lunch underway, then dropped anchor shortly after. After the usual post-passage boat appreciation, we spent our free time snorkeling and exploring one of the deserted islands. We saw sea turtles, schools of small fish, and even a small shark (thanks to my incredible eyesight and extensive knowledge of marine species). I don’t know about the rest of the crew, but I’ve grown quite fond of the sea turtles. They’re just so cute! After a few dingy rides back to the boat and a little bit of rain, we had a nice steak/tofu meal prepared by chefs James and Kris. As I’m writing, everyone’s preparing themselves for our night snorkel, so I have to go. Be sure to keep checking the blog for more updates on our adventures!