Location: Port St Charles, Barbados

Today I’ll start you with this… “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – Jacques-Yves Cousteau

And one might say. That’s exactly what has happened over these last 57 days onboard S/Y Argo, but especially today. As the soon to be certified PADI Open Water Divers descended into the silent world for their final certification dives. There’s nothing quite like exploring the underwater world, breaking free from technology and the hustle and bustle of our daily lives… or, for that matter, only hearing the steady inhale and exhale of your scuba regulator (Darth Vader anyone?). The open water divers had awesome two dives consisting of flying gurnards, smooth trunkfish, blue tang, scuba skills, underwater flips, rock paper scissors, and so much more. The certified divers ventured off and dove with Roger’s Scuba Shack, where they explored a drift reef and wreck dive on the Pamir. They saw two green sea turtles, squirrelfish, wrasse, parrotfish and even caught a lionfish that they cooked up for lunch at Fish Pot next to Nikki Beach (one of the crew’s favorite beach hangouts).

When we weren’t emulating Jacques Cousteau and Sylvia Earle, we were adventuring at the heart of Barbados in Harrison Cave’s (descending to depths of 180ft beneath the ground). Harrison Caves, originally discovered in the 1700s, was rediscovered in the early 1970s by a team of local Barbadians and a Danish engineer/cave adventurer (eventually opened to the public in 1981.) Some of the crew journeyed throughout the caves via tram viewing the awe-inspiring stalagmite and stalactite formations.

After another action-packed day, we headed back to the boat to come together for a delicious meal of veggie pasta whipped up by our wonderful chefs Lily, Maggie, and William. See you in the Tobago Cays!